Betting Rules in Sedie Game

Sedie game is a game that used 4 buttons with the red side and white side on it. The combination result of the red and white button is 4 white, 3 white, 1 white, 2 white, 2 red, 3 red, 1 white, and 4 red. The result can create the odd bet or even bet. 4 white, 2 red, 2 white, 4 red are defined as the even bet, and 3 white, 1 red, 3 red, and 1 white is the odd bet.

Basic rules in Sedie game

One of the rules in Sedie game is the game is played using a plate and a bowl that has the function as the cover to shake. The player must place the bet on even or odd bet chance or even in the betting. There are 4 markers with certain dice that has 2 sides of color such as red and white color that are place inside the bowl. This marker will indicate the combination of the winner and also it can win the change whether it is odd or even. To start the game, the dealer is going to shake the bowl as well. And then the dealer will shake the bowl which is worked as the cover plate about 8 times. In game Sedie, one of the card boxes has 60 games. When each card has been finished, the boss will clean the equipment of the Sedie game and then the game will be continued to the next card box.

The types of the bet in Sedie game

There are some types of the bets in this game. They are

4 red means there are dices with 4 red indicated that this bet wins. 4 white means there are dices with 4 white that shows the bet wins. 3 white and 1 red means that the dices show 3 whites and 1 red and the bet wins. 3 red and 1 white means the dice shows exactly the same and the bet wins. Even bet means there are dices with 2 red, 4 white and 2 red 2 white that shows the bet wins as well. And the last bet is odd. Odd means the dices are 3 red 1 white and 3 white 1 red and the bet wins.

Betting rules in Sedie game

  • When the buttons are lying in the buttons are overwritten each other, the best solution is looking the result first. The game will be considered legal of the arrangement of the buttons are right. If the result can’t be seen, the player can shake the bowl and continue the game as usual.
  • During the game, the dealer is shaking the bowl in the short time and the dealer will not open the bowl, so the player will shake again the bowl. But if the dealer has opened the bowl and the result of the dice is legal.
  • During the time the dealer is shaking the bowl and making the button fall down from the bowl, then the dealer put inside again and shakes it again, and the game can continue as usual.
  • When the dealer forgot to shake the buttons and then open the bowl, the solution may be various. The game may be cancelled and all of the bet will be given back to the entire player. Or it may be possible to give back the entire bet when the dealer has put the result to the players.
  • During the game, if the dealer accidentally make the bowl fall down, the game will be start from the beginning.
  • If the dealer opened the cover before the time and the bet started, so the game will be rejected and the bet will be given back to the all players.

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