Funky Fruits Slot Game Review

Slot and fruit actually have very close relation although some people think that it is not logical for using fruits in the slot game. In fact, people can also recognize slot machine as fruit machine and this must be a good reason for using fruits as the main theme of the slot game which can be found online. It is sure that people can get the easiness for playing the slot machine online because they do not have to leave their home to go to the casino building just for playing the slot machine. They can play it in the comfort of their home and they can play it anytime they have spare time. Of course it will be fun to enjoy the classic touch in the slot game which is wrapped in the modern design. It can be found when people play Funky Fruits slot game online. This is the right game for anyone who wants to enjoy the freshness not only from the fruits but also from the slot game. Although there are so many options of online slot game which have fruit theme, it is sure that this slot game can really be the best one which can be found out there.


Funky Fruits Slot game is the e-games trustedĀ online slot game which is developed by Playtech and we can make sure that people can really have fun when playing this e-games. At the very first impression, people maybe will think that this slot game comes with the similar design to the Funky Fruits Farm which is developed by the same company. However, the design is the only similarity which can be found because people will be able to get the different game play. People will not find the standard layout of slot game in this game. It will be played over 5 x 5 grids. The background of the game is the beach which comes with the cocktails and surfing board. Wooden board can be found as the grid area. The empty cocktail glass contains the information associated with the bet size, win, as well as amount of progressive jackpot. People are able to find the symbol of fruits including watermelon, plum, orange, pineapple, lemon, as well as cherry. The symbols can be made into horizontal, vertical, or both combinations. However, diagonal combination is not accepted. The highest bet multiples can be found if people can land at least 16 fruits with the same symbol on the grid area. If they can get melon, it values 50 multiplies while plum values 100 multiplies. 500 multiplies can be found from the pineapple, 1000 multiplies come from orange, and 5000 multiplies can be found from orange.

Progressive Jackpot

People will be able to find very great liking with this Funky Fruits slot game especially because of the progressive jackpot which can be found from this game. Everyone loves progressive jackpot for sure and the good one can be found from this online slot game. People will be able to see the recent total in the area of orange splash on the right grid and it can be done by getting eight or more symbols of cherry which are located next another. People will not find the prize increased if they are able to land more than eight symbols of cherry. However, they can up the stake. People surely have great expectation for winning the whole jackpot from this slot game online. It can increase the opportunity for getting the jackpot if they bet to the highest amount which they can be comfortable with. They have to remember that jackpot opportunity can be found more if they bet more.

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