Keno Lottery Game Review

Online Keno is one type of lotto online games which is designed and produced by the top online casino game in the world, Microgaming. Widely known to produce numerous types of online casino game, Microgaming tries to create a certain type of interesting lottery game that commonly played in casino. Even though keno is designed to provide real casino ambiance to the players, it comes out with a number of important exceptions. For instance, it doesn’t require the players to wait when they want to swap playing a game to the other. Besides, this game is more comfortable to play no matter where the players are.

When you play the game, you will be shown numbers from 1 to 80 in the “board”. What you need to do as a player is actually select fifteen numbers among all numbers shown by giving the mark on those numbers. After that, twenty artificial “balls” are selected randomly and the numbers in the balls will appear on the board. You can be a winner based on the numbers that you can match.

There are several pros and cons related to Keno game. The pros of this game include pretty useful graphics and interface. These qualities allow the players to see the numbers easily as well as able to adjust the sounds in the game. It happens to be very simple to play even by the newbie since all you have to do is just matching the numbers. Besides, the payout table is positioned in comfortable spot in the screen. However, there are some cons related to this game. The most recognizable one is that it doesn’t contain auto-play feature. Some people also think that this game comes out to slow so that it is less challenging.

Players can change the number of the bet simply. They can opt for the chip size which is located in the left-middle on the beneath part of the screen. The number ranges from 1 to 10 and players can use either + or – option in order to add or reduce the amount of bet. As players select the numbers before the balls appear, the possible payouts will be shown on the left part of the board. The same way happens when players select the following numbers. The amount of payouts will alter based on the numbers players opt for. When you select the numbers, you can look the development of the payouts from the left table.

The options of number will be represented with colour changes but it is pretty easy to understand. The square found in the board has green color. When you make a choice, the squares change into blue colour. As the balls appear, the squares with symbolized numbers will come out in grey. Then, when the numbers are suitable, the numbers turn yellow and the background will become red. No matter on what time you want to make a click on the “play” option, you prefer to not choosing the number, you can make a click once more an wait for a while and it will change into green colour again.

The sounds controlling is one of the specialty of this game that might not owned by other similar games. Players are able to silent the background sounds or play all the sounds as they prefer. The sounds are not only able to be turned on or off as the players wish but they also can adjust the volume based on their preference so that they can play the game comfortably. Through this sounds feature, players can enjoy the interesting ambiance in playing the game with supportive sounds that will not come either too loud or soft.

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