Q Kick: The Most Fun Game of Dominoes

When we hear the word of Qiuqiu, surely the word is not foreign to our ears because the word is one of the card games. This card game is there a game that is traditionally used dominoes. Usually the game is played for pleasure. But this game has grown by leaps and bounds. These games can be played online at a special website for casino games. One is the famous domino gameĀ Q Kick. Here is the rule in this game you should consider carefully:

  • You will face a set of dominoes. There are 28 sheets of cards that have different numbers. These cards can be played from 2 to 6 players. Figures contained in this card illustrated with red dots.
  • The players who will play this game will be dealt four cards. The player who has the highest card value can be declared as the winner in this game.
  • There is a way to calculate the figures in the cards in this game. Of the four cards that have been dealt to the players should be combined appropriately. Four cards can be two pairs together with the values that have been merged.
  • Total value of dominoes will be obtained from the fruit of cards whose value has been totaled. Figures to be taken are the number on the rear of it. For example the sum of the two cards is more than 10. The number of such cards can be more than 20 so that the value to be taken only numbers that are behind. For example number 16, and then read 6 and so on.
  • Each player will be shared three dominoes at the beginning of the game or at the earliest opportunity. When the player is dealt three cards, then the player can place a bet and increase the number of bets to take the fourth card. If a player does not want to follow a predetermined number of bets, then the player will automatically have the right to take the fourth card and declared the loser in the second stage because all the players have taken the fourth card. Next will be the last bet to determine the winner.
  • Winner in the game of dominoes can be determined from the number combination of the two pairs of cards at the top.
  • If the game ends in a draw, then the winner could be determined in the manner complained of custody the highest available on every player. If there is no caste of custody on the player, then the other way is to establish the victory of the player who has the highest spheres of the other players.

In the game of dominoes, there are four types of card values which belong to the special card:

  • The first privilege card is a card of six gods. This card is a card that has a numerical value that is uppermost in this game. In the game there are 28 pieces of dominoes and cards that have 6 dots only four cards.
  • The second special card is a custody card. This card is in a condition when all the cards are owned by all players of custody.
  • Third special card which is purely a big card. This card appears when a player has a card with the number of 40 dots.
  • Special card the latter is purely a small card. This card shows when the whole card a player has a number of spheres of no more than nine.

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