Review about Caribbean Poker

Basically, the game Caribbean Poker is similar with the game 5 Stud Card because the regulation of Caribbean Poker is running only by the player and the dealer. This game is actually different with the Blackjack or other the betting card game. The player doesn’t run the game by putting the bet on the table and then play. By knowing that this game is only involving the player and the dealers, Caribbean Poker is not really complicated to play. The players just need to earn the total card with the highest value than the dealer. It makes the player can win in the end of the game.

To start this game, the player will be given a pack of card that consists of 52 cards. The minimal bet in this game is US$5. Then the player will be given 5 cards and there is no additional card. The players can do many options such as fold or raise to put the bet as much as he can. There are some steps to play the game Caribbean Poker.

  • In the beginning of the game, before the cards are given to the players, the dealer must shuffle the cards first. At this time, the player must put the bet on the table to make sure that he participated in the game.
  • And after that, the player will be given by the dealer 5 cards. Every time the cards are given, the positions of the cards are closed. The players only who can see the value of the cards that have been given by the dealer. And the dealer will also get 5 cards like the player as well. All of the dealer’s cards are closed except one card that is intentionally opened.
  • The game is ready to start once the cards are given. If the player thinks that the value of his cards is biggest then than the dealer, the player can make a bet in the ante. The player can be the winner if the total amount of the dealer is smaller than the player. Instead, the dealer can win if the total amount of the value is bigger than the player.
  • To fight against the player, the dealer must have King, Ace, or the other card that is bigger than the player. If the dealer doesn’t have those cards, it can be predicted that the player is the winner.

There are some terms in the regulation of Caribbean Poker that define the action in this game. The first action is fold action. Fold action is the action that is taken when the player think that the cards are threatened. And the second action is the raise action. Raise action is the choice that the player made when he feels that the cards have the big chance to win or even the cards are threated. When the player does the raise action, the players must give the bigger bet than the first bet.

How to win and lose the bet in this game? The player who lost against the dealer must lose the bet. In contrast, if the dealer is lost, the dealer will give back the player’s bet. More than that, the dealer will pay the ante that the player has put based on the basic regulation of Caribbean Poker.

The pay terms in this game among the dealer and the players are the Royal Flush is 100,  Straight Flush is 50, Four of a Kind is 20, Full House is 7, Flush is 5, Straight is 4, Three of a Kind is 3, Two Pair is 2, and so on. Meanwhile, if the dealer and the player are series, the regulation in giving the bet can’t be done. In this case, usually, the bet will be given back to the player and the dealer.

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