Review of 368Bet Online Sportsbook for Soccer Betting

We have seen so many online sportsbook emerging for these past several years. But there are only a few that can match 368Bet’s reputation. 368Bet is an online betting platform which provides an excellent environment for many types of sport betting. In 368Bet, we can bet on various sports such as tennis, rugby, F1 and Moto GP, and of course, soccer. Soccer is the most popular game in the world, so it is just normal when we see so many people love to bet their money in this particular sport. As a soccer punter, of course we want to find the best and safest platform to bet our money on soccer matches. So, which online betting platform is the best for this purpose? Is 368Bet is really the best of the bunch? To answer your question, let’s see the review of 368Bet below.

Display and Interface

We don’t need fancy and complicated display when it comes to soccer betting. A simple yet informative interface will be sufficient, and that is exactly what 368Bet offers in the display and interface aspect. In the left part of the screen, you can see a simple sport menu where you can choose the time of the matches: Early, Today or Live. In every tab, you can see the list of available sports.

If you choose football, you will see big tables consists of detailed information of the match you can bet on. The best thing about 368Bet is that everything is color coded. Since 368Bet use handicap system, the team who gives the handicap will be colored red. In the column just on the right of the team names, you will see number that indicating the odds of each team. The color rules for the numbers are slightly different with the team names. Team with red odd number and negative sign is considered weaker than the competitor. If you bet on this team and they won, you will be paid in the same amount you bet. But if they lose, the amount you need to pay depends on the odds number.

This color coding will make everything clearer for you so you can make an informed decision. Everything is displayed in one single screen so it is very easy to navigate and look for specific information.

Betting System

Another best feature of 368Bet is its variety. There is not only one but so many various ways to place your bet. First of all, there is Over Under (O/U). On the screen, you will see information of a goal number. If you choose O/U system, you only have to choose whether the goal in the actual game will be over or under that number.

The next system is Odd/Even (O/E). This bet is very simple and simply relies on our luck. We only have to guess whether the total score of the game will be an odd number or even number. The chance is 50:50, so your instinct will play the biggest role to determine your betting success.

You will also meet the usual Mix Parlay, 1×2 and Half Time/Full Time (HT/FT). You can also choose to bet your money to guess the Correct Score and play Fantasy Games to make a bet between two teams that don’t meet in the actual games.

Last but not least, we know that some countries ban several famous sportsbook websites. You won’t experience that problem if you choose 368Bet. Many users around the world have reported that 368Bet is not under restriction in their respective countries. So, what are you waiting for? If you are looking for a simple and fun sport betting system, go register yourself to 368Bet this instant.

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