Sic Bo Table Game Review

Sic Bo is type of casino table game which uses Asian game concept. This game is not only well-known in land casinos but also online casinos. This game provides comfortable layout. The result of the dice rolls will be presented on the right part of the upper screen. It has big area for betting which take the middle part of screen. The previous result of the bet you have made will be recorded on the left screen which commonly take the corner part. The bets which are shown will be considered as well-known bets you already made.

Players also can see their credit balance on the left part of the beneath screen. Closer to this part, you can discover few buttons that show the statistics and options of the game. Through the statistic buttons, players can see the time for each roll, best wins, result of the dices, the total of dice, and sum of the bets. It also has common sound options owned by Microgaming such as the one with announcement from the dealer. There are also particular options which allow players to get the tips and make the previous bets remain on the table for every roll. Even though Sic Bo doesn’t include Expert Mode option, players are still able to manage the size of chip starting from 1 to 100. However, every bet has different amount for the maximum bet. The highest amount of bet is actually 180 either for small or large bets. To play the game, players need to work the buttons appear on the lower-right part of screen.

Each casino game brings both advantages and disadvantages. The same way also happens to Sic Bo game. The advantages that can be found in this game include both inclusive help options and statistics. Not to mention about the big and clear area for betting which is very comfortable for players to play the game. On the other hand, this game has some disadvantages such as containing no autoplay options and speed controlling options.ppear as winner if the dice display the similar number.

The size of the chip will be chosen using both + and – buttons beneath the chip to increase and decrease the size. After that, the bet is positioned in the proper betting area by making a click on it. Players are able to place amount of bets as they prefer based on the mandatory balance.  Meanwhile, Bet cell will display the amount of bet made by players. As the players position their bet, they need to activate the dice by clicking the “roll” option. When the dice stops rolling, the betting area will be signed in order to know whether the bet is placed. Then, the win cell will display the amount of win as well as make credit automatically on the balance. If you can make the bet remains on the table for every roll, then it will stay in the betting area. Players only need to click the roll button if they prefer to play with similar bets. However, if they prefer to use different bet, they can refresh by make a click on the clear button. When the players are not success in making the bets remain on the table for every roll, they only make the winning bets which stay on the table.

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