Thor the Mighty Avenger Slot Game Review

The Avengers can be the movie which can bring the peace for people who become fanatic fans of certain superhero. They will not mind to watch other superheroes work together with their favorite superhero as long as they can find their favorite one on the movie. There is no question that people are able to find many Marvels’ superheroes in the movie and people can have their personal taste about their favorite one. Thor can be the favorite member of Avengers for many people and they will not mind if this character is used for other entertaining things including casino games. From so many kinds of casino game which can be found, the most possible game which can be made based on Thor theme surely is slot. Thor the Mighty Avenger becomes the online slot game which can offer people with the experience of play slot machine games online with atmosphere in the world of Avengers especially from the Thor perspective. This slot site game surely can bring entertainment as well as satisfaction for people who love playing slot game and at the same time have very great interest in Thor as member of the Avengers.


It is sure that this is online slot game which is based on the Thor movie which is taken from the character from Marvel comic. When watching the movie, people maybe will compare it with other movies which are based on other superhero characters from Marvel comic. They will find that the quality will not be good enough compared to other movies such as Hulk or Iron Man. However, it must be great that Thor can be used as the theme for slot machine. At least, people will find that Thor the Mighty Avenger slot game is connected to the progressive machine jackpot network which can provide people with great advantage. It comes with five slot reels as well as fixed pay lines with 30 options. The symbols which are related to Thor can be found in the game. A, K, Q, J, and 10 becomes the symbols which have lower value. People are able to find the symbols with higher value which are represented in all characters found in the movie or comic. Thor, Odin, and Loki become the symbol with the most expensive value. The hammer of Thor becomes the symbol of scatter while Thor becomes the wild card symbol. There is also symbol for extra bonus which is represented with the Gatekeeper.


Just like other slot games online which are based on the Marvel comic character, people can be pleased with a lot of bonus games which can be found when they are playing Thor the Mighty Avenger. The very first great bonus which can be found is the Re-spin of Thunderstorm. This bonus will be triggered if people are able to land three symbol of Thor on the reel number two. One re-spin which is valuable can be earned while people can find the wild which remains in the same place. Free spin of lightning becomes the next bonus which can be found when three symbols of Thor can be found on the reel number fours. The hero will offer 2-5 wilds on the reel and it will stay in its original place while people run the free spin. The main bonus is rainbow bridge feature and it can be triggered by landing symbol of Gatekeeper which covers the reel number three during the free game or main game. Two orbs will be offered for taking them to the free spins that is unlimited on the earth or free games that are unlimited on the Jotunheim. Of course people must not forget about the Marvel progressive Jackpot.

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